“Great things happen when men and mountains meet” -William Blake

The challenge of taking on the steepest gradient, of staying the course no matter what the odds, of reaching and staying at the summit-that sums up the pokarna story over two decades.

India’s largest distributor of premium suiting pokarna has grown and diversified with single-minded purpose. By investing in-state-of-the art equipment way ahead of its time ad competing successfully in the global arena, it become India’s No.1 granite company exporting to the United states,Europe and the Far East. Global.way before ‘globalisation’ become fashionable.

In 2004 we launched an exciting new label in the domestic market, ‘STANZA’- shirts and trousers, made from premium Italian fabric. Domestically, the brand has already won recognition as one of the most visible and fastest-growing men’s wear brand. Across the globe it is beginning to make its presence felt on the United states, in premium stores on New york’s fifth Avenue; a remarkable first for an Indian label. Pokarna has now set up a Greenfield ‘Engineered Stone’ factory in Andhra Pradesh. First of its kind in India. Ideal for all countertop, flooring and cladding application, the product is in great demand all over the world.

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